9/11 Pentagon Generator Sept 11th
reference photos...
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a few photos i enhanced, minimizing the non-color information. this gives the picture more contrast, and sometimes detail.
As a note, this may also change the colors to appear as not normal.
 Some of this is also due to the type of camera and filters used.

P1010013.JPG (Riskus)

I see NO notch on this photo ?

Would be notch is covered by tree.

is this a notch smoking below?



Look for consistancy in the position of the Pentagon generator, and the timeline of the photos.
Some have said it was moved overnight.

Angle to fence appears to be different in photos above and below.



is this a notch?

Angle to the fence is more parallel in above photo than below.





Notch seems to  create a burn mark on the side of the generator, not just the top.

no apparent notch.

most photos from ....

Specs on the Boeing 757-200 in relation to the wing tip height and height of the poles which were damaged.

closeups of the impact area, cable reels etc...

Simplified sites to show the major problems of the idea that a 757 hit the Pentagon.
Main Pentaogn 9/11 investigation page
Supporting page

response to snopes pentagon urban legend page.

Pentagon Wall and Columns

mini mirror here